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“JJ Blacklocke has created a deeply engaging universe that drew me in from the first page. Gredin is delightfully human, despite her home planet, and the world-building knocked me out. I love this story, this character, this universe, and I am waiting eagerly for the next installment. A stunner of a first book, and the flagship of a series I want to live in for years!”  – Stacey Filak, Author of YA Fantasy THE QUEEN UNDERNEATH.

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“There’s a confidence in Blacklocke’s writing that makes it easy to read without any nagging worries that Chekhov’s gun might not go off later. Gredin is a great main character with one heck of an arc!” – Brett Hiorns

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REFUGE is a wholly original vision. Its heroes are, in some ways, truly alien to us and yet its tale of innocent people unexpectedly becoming refugees is one that will resonate with anyone reading about the world today. I can’t wait to read the next one.” – Matt Bird, author of THE SECRETS OF STORY: Innovative Tips for Perfecting Your Fiction and Captivating Readers.

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“The world J.J. Blacklocke builds is rich and imaginative beyond what I expected. It’s fantasy at its finest, and yet it has a science fiction element to it–a merging of the two genres.” – T. Hunter, Freelance Editor

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“The variety of alien races in REFUGE is great – and some of them are real rascals!” – Suzanne Nesmith, beta reader

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“Gredin’s adventures intrigue me. If you think communicating with your own species is difficult, try it with ten others. Then see what you learn about yourself.” – R. Winship, Artist/Illustrator

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Meet J.J. Blacklocke and learn more about the races who come to Tradepoint, the interstellar space station where REFUGE takes place.