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General Uses of Enclaves

‘Enclave’ is the term used by the Prett to define the area of Tradepoint assigned to a specific race’s Tradeteam members upon their arrival, for their express use while they conduct their business. For comfort’s sake, most races continue to reside aboard their docked ship, and use their assigned enclave for temporary storage of incoming merchandise that has been brought for trade but not yet placed in their maartza, or out-going merchandise that has been acquired from other races but has not yet been loaded as cargo on their ship.

Enclave vs Warehouse

Enclaves are temporary, assigned and provided by Tradepoint for the use of a specific Tradeteam during a specific visit. When that Tradeteam leaves, they are required to remove all of their possessions from the enclave prior to their departure. By contrast, each race which does business at Tradepoint is also provided with a long-term warehouse in which they may securely leave behind trade items and/or other belongings which they do not wish to transport back to their home world at the time of their departure.

Rights and Limitations of Enclave Use

Within any given enclave, the race currently occupying the space has privacy and sovereignty rights within its confines, except for any item or action deemed potentially harmful to others or to the physical integrity of the station itself. As in all matters on Tradepoint, the Prett wield the ultimate authority and may, at need, enter any enclave, occupied or otherwise. 

Vennan Enclave

Uniquely, the Vennan enclave is a specifically designated area of Tradepoint. Unlike the enclaves of other races, which change with each new visitation, the physical area of the station assigned to the Vennans is permanent. This accommodation is necessary because the Vennans do not arrive at Tradepoint in a docking starship. Rather, the Vennan use their ability to ‘Travel the River’, a ship-less mode of space travel which requires a consistent target for their arrival/departure.

Since they do not travel by ship, members of the Vennan tradeteams reside within their enclave, in addition to using it for temporary cargo storage. The Vennan Enclave has recently been enlarged by the Prett to temporarily accommodate the Vennan delegation attending the Trisectoriana, but the nucleus of the enclave remains physically unchanged from its original location and configuration.