Goods from Polpethtira

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An Interesting Mix

When the Polpethtira first visited Tradepoint, they dealt solely in technological goods. More recently, they have expand their wares in several surprising new directions.

Circuitry and Devices

The Polpethtira have made a lucrative career from studying the technology of other worlds and then using that knowledge to supply an array of compatible devices, replacement parts, and enhanced circuitry for a broad range of existing tech. When a Tradeteam from another world arrives at Tradepoint with equipment that is malfunctioning, the Polpethiran maartza is their likeliest source for whatever they’ll need to repair the problem.

Basket Artistry

The same dexterity, eye for detail, and ability to produce precision goods that the Polpethtira have long displayed in technology is now also being put to use in the creation of intricately woven baskets in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Whether for storage, transport, or aesthetic decoration, the baskets woven by the Polpethtira offer an appealing blend of artistry and functionality.


Theramin is a spiced drink favored by the Polpethtira. Normally served hot, it is also tasty chilled or at room temperature. Originally, the Polpethtira only brought theramin with them to Tradepoint for their own private enjoyment, and occasionally as something offered in a gesture of hospitality to an alien trader during negotiations. But when the Vennan trader Burlon te Laith (who was te Bentain at the time) was offered a cup, he immediately realized that it would make a welcome replacement for the besk which the Vennans were accustomed to drinking but could no longer obtain. Thus was a lucrative trade established between the Polpethtira and the Vennans.