Gredin te Balamont (Vennan)

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Gredin is a member of House Balamont, one of thirty-three Houses on the Vennan world. Gredin is considered young and naïve by the other Vennans who accompanied her to Tradepoint, but it is also acknowledged that she is quite talented. Visiting Tradepoint fulfills a fervent and unwavering childhood aspiration of Gredin’s. Despite having reached maturity only a short time ago, she has already found her Chosen (Dreff), who will be her mate for life. 

Gredin’s Gyfte and Present Position

Gredin’s major gift is Speech. In addition to her native language of Vennan, she is fluent in both Tradetalk and Prettian. Despite her youth, Gredin has been selected to act as Translator for the Vennan delegation, which consists of nearly a thousand individuals who have come to celebrate the Vennan Trisectoriana – the 300thanniversary of trading relations between the Vennans and the Prett. It is the largest Vennan delegation ever to visit Tradepoint.