Kithris from Mamor

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Kithris: The Universally Popular Import

Of all the goods which are brought to Tradepoint, kithris nuts from Mamor are sought after by nearly every race. Ground to a fine powder, these nuts produce a spice that enhances the flavor of most foods and many drinks.

Ideal for Space Travel

Small enough for several to fit on the palm of your hand, indifferent to heat and cold, hard enough not to bruise in transport, and with a nearly indefinite shelf-life, kithris nuts are an easy cargo. Likewise, when kithris is bought in its grated form, the powder can be placed in a protective container compact enough to fit easily into a pouch or pocket. And a slight sprinkling of kithris can transform even the dullest of space fare into a delight for the tongue, on the long journey home.

Expensive but Worth the Price

To the uninitiated, the price of a single kithris nut might seem wildly exorbitant. Even when purchased in tiny quantities in its grated form, kithris is never cheap. But those who have previously savored its ability to enhance the flavor of food never grudge its cost.