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Definition, Availability, and Maintenance of a Luminth

Among the many unusual traits that Vennans possess is their ability to infuse a piece of rock with energy so that it will glow. This glowing rock is called a luminth. It will give off a cool radiance until the energy “charge” is exhausted or until the Vennan extinguishes it by reabsorbing the left-over energy. Luminth are sometimes offered for purchase in the Vennan maartza, on the clear understanding that only a Vennan can cause the luminth to glow again after its original infusion of energy is exhausted. (If the luminth is brought back to the maartza at a later time, a Vennan trader will provide this ‘recharging’ at no additional cost to the purchaser.)

The Various Appearances of a Luminth

Sometimes, the quartz-like rocks are placed within translucent receptacles. More frequently, they are simply shaped, sometimes in an abstract form but more often into natural shapes that mimic flowers or birds, so that they are decorative even when they have not been infused.