Nitikikani (Hesch)

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Nitikikani leads one of the Hesch Tradeteams that frequent Tradepoint. Like the other Hesch Traders, Nitikikani is known to be proud and short-tempered. His position as a Tradeteam leader requires him to interact and negotiate with individuals from many worlds. He is a canny Trader, with a reputation for honest dealings but hard bargains.

The Hesch rarely mingle socially on Tradepoint, limiting their contact to buying and selling at the Traders’ Market. When their maartza is closed, they confine themselves to their ship and their enclave. Nitikikani is something of an exception to this, although not in a convivial way. He is quick to take offense, and has lodged complaints with the Prett Director on occasion regarding behavior on the part of the Thalken and the Vennans to which he has taken exception.

For additional information about Nitikikani, see Keegan’s Journal.