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Long-Time Traders

The Shodekekeen were among the very first races to bring their goods to Tradepoint, and they have been frequent traders ever since. Large and strong, the six-legged members of the Shodekekeen race are nevertheless mild by nature, dealing peaceably with all of the other Tradeteams that frequent the station.

Specialists in Cloth

Fabric is the principal commodity brought by the Shodekeen for trade, ranging from delicate silks to thick, warm woolens. In addition, they sell thread in hundreds of colors, as well as a range of sewing notions including pins, cutting tools, bindings, and decorative cord. Powdered dye is another of their specialty items. For a price, they will even supply the necessary tailoring to complete a custom-made garment fitted to the specifications of the purchaser, whether for a delicate Thalken or a stately Yaylay.

Shamkalak Urmo Memelo

Distinctive Markings

At a glance, one Shodekekeen looks very like another. To the discerning eye, however, it is easy to tell them apart. The pale, irregular patch of fur on their upper chest is shaped differently on each individual, and is a reliable method of identification.