The Anamandasit

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The Anamandasit (ah-nah-mahn-DAH-sit) have a long history at Tradepoint, and a reputation for being canny but cantankerous traders. Socially, they do not mix willingly with other trading races, and they rival the Thalken and the Loovo in their aloof manner and air of superiority.

Within the territory of their own maartza, the Anamandasit are at their most cordial, exhibiting great patience and keen skills of observation when evaluating a potential customer and determining what goods will best fill that customer’s needs. But their manner is quite different when they venture into the maartzas of other races. When negotiating a purchase on their own behalf, they can be prickly and suspicious. They are difficult to please but they spend lavishly when a trade good takes their fancy, and so their attitude is generally tolerated by the other traders.