Traders’ Market

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The Traders’ Market is the area of Tradepoint designated for the public trading of goods. Within the confines of the Traders’ Market, each participating race of Traders is supplied by the Prett with a maartza for use in the display and sale of their goods. In another part of the station, each race is also provided with a warehouse for trade goods they choose to leave on Tradepoint in their absence.


Each maartza in the Traders’ Market operates under a common set of rules, the primary rule being that only one race of customers is permitted to enter a martzaa at a time. When prospective customers enter a maartza, the perimeter of the maartza’s entrance lights up. No other customers may enter that maartza until its entrance perimeter is no longer lit.


Prett Security makes regular patrols through the Traders’ Market, ready to be summoned to any specific maartza as necessary to ensure the peaceful transaction of business, which is the primary reason for Tradepoint’s existence.