New Review of THE BEREFT

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Excerpts from a new review of THE BEREFT:

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Once again, JJ Blacklocke has blown me away with their brilliant, clever writing and immersive world-building. I was already a huge fan after Refuge and Aftershock, but The Bereft somehow managed to surpass my already sky-high expectations. As I’ve said in my previous reviews, the world feels like it exists whether you’re reading it or not. Add to that one of the more unique main plot threads I’ve ever read in a novel—and more of the most anger-inducing character this side of Umbridge (which I mean that in the best way possible)—and you have the best in an already stellar trilogy. I never thought that a series about a translator, a trader, a historian, and a cook could be such a throughly entertaining page-turner.

All I can say is: please sir, I want some more.