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Silent Tradeteams

The Polpethtira are a quiet race who stay largely silent during their time on Tradepoint. Amongst themselves, they communicate through a complex set of hand gestures, and there is commonly only one member within a Polpethtiran trade team who is willing to speak aloud in Tradetalk.

Gender Presence

All Polpethtiran traders appear to be female, based on their external physiology. If this is so, they share that tradition with the Fik and the Anamandasit. The Tradeteams of such races as the Rodorno, the Vennans, and the Hesch normally contain both genders, while the traders of the Mamora, the Beng, the F’lala, and the Wilra have been, to date, exclusively male. The Prett, who own and operate Tradepoint, have administrators of both genders present on the station, and this Prett presence reinforces Tradepoint’s stance that all genders are equally welcome.

Appearance and Characteristics

Polpethtirans are bipedal, with skin color that ranges in tone from lavender to a deep purple. They have brows and lashes but do not exhibit any other hair growth; whether naturally or because they remove it for aesthetic reasons is not known. Their metabolism appears to be high; they wear no clothing other than ornamental designs painted in white on their skin, yet the temperature on Tradepoint does not seem to discomfit them. They have long, thin fingers and toes, and are uniformly quite slender in build, although they do not look malnourished.

Polpethtiran Trade-goods

For information on the trade items brought to Tradepoint by the Polpethtira, see Goods from Polpethtira in the Information Archive under Cultures.