The Kikaradd

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The Kikaradd (KICK-ah-rahd) are among the more mild-mannered of the races which frequent Tradepoint. Their physiology is such that any change in their emotions prompts a change in the coloration of their skin, a trait which can work to their disadvantage when they are bartering for goods.

Generally well-liked, the Kikaradd have a nemesis on Tradepoint: the Anamandasit. Often in competition to purchase the same limited trade goods, and coming from a society whose central religious tenets stand in stark contradiction to the beliefs of the Kikaradd, the Anamandasit look down on the Kikaradd and seem to delight in harassing them verbally when they encounter them in the corridors of Tradepoint. Although the gentle Kikaradd do their best to pass by without remark, the resultant change in their skin coloration is an undeniable sign that Anamandasit’s jibes have found their mark.